Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where do I come from???

I am the weird one of the family so proceed with caution!!!!!!!

Does anybody out there have nuts for family members? Honestly I think I was mixed up in the nursery of the hospital and then sent home with a crazy family. I love then but OMG........It seems like when things are going good for me the rest of my family falls to hell in a hand basket you might say. I am talking craziness. From close relatives to extended ones I feel caught in the middle of what time warp am I in. Does anyone else feel that way...............and then in all of what I think is a normal life they call me the weird one. I go to church, I am happily married, I have 2 great kids, a job I love, and I am the weird one? I don't marry people I have only known for a week, I don't abandon my children, I don't throw crazy fits in public and have the police called out to settle it, I don't live with older men twice my age, I don't go years without speaking to my family..............and I am the weird one??? Obviously I can't give you more details, not sure who reads this blog but can you believe the things that go on? I am so thankful for Jesus, for being a child of God.For knowing what he expects of me. The craziness that goes on in mine & Kyles family, I am not sure where God is in their lives.I am just thankful everyday I know HIM and he loves me and I can't stand do people live on drama? I have to much to keep up with in my house how can I ever make time to keep up with others but that's what my family does, call and stir the pot. I am thinking of not answering the phone any more. I have prayed and will continue to pray for these people, they are too God's creation.......What do you do, I guess sit back hold on and just listen.

Trey asked the question a few days ago, Why do you blog? This is why I blog.It is a stress reliever as well as I know I have friends out there who will listen to me , pray and be a friend. Thanks for reading.


Heather said...

Family is always family, including the ones who don't live in your house. I'm sorry they're making your life difficult. Just remember that it is YOUR family (the ones who live in YOUR house) who are the most important. You are an amazing wife and mother, and you are a child of God who has dedicated her life to Him. There is no possible way that you are wrong. You are trying to live the best Christian life that you possibly can, and that includes loving and praying for people who need you to keep doing that. See you tomorrow!

Amanda KP said...

i think there are different definitions of family...biological are the ones you HAVE to love!! :) focus more on the ones you are able to choose by the life you have created! hang in there, girl, and know that some day your kids will be blogging about what a great family you have...way to break the chain that seems to have been created by the rest of your biologicals!!! :)

Anonymous said...