Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What do you do in that place????

Well you can't read the sign very well but, this is where I work. Pregnancy Outreach Center of the Rolling Plains. So many people in my life, family and friends have no clue about what I do at this place I call the center. So I thought I would share. We serve a 100 mile radius of clients. We are not for just pregnant women, we help families, ANY family in need. Whether it be diapers, food, or clothing. How do we get all of these items? We receive no government assistance, all donations ( money or items) are made by great people like you reading this blog. So the next time you clean out a closet or kids room, keep us in mind. We accept, baby furniture, car seats, gently used clothing, diapers, cleaning supplies, anything a family can use.

Some other things we provide:
Counseling of all kids-including the gospel of Jesus
Parenting classes
Community referrals-maybe a young family doesn't know who to call to get assistance with other services. We help make that happen
Church referrals- We have someone in every church in Childress that will help if someone needs a ride to church and show them where to go.
Free pregnancy test- free to anyone no income level matters
Programs for community orgs. and area schools

All services are confidential and FREE to everyone. If you have question please give us a call, and we are in need of items, and volunteers(training provided)

I just wanted some of you to see and read a little bit about what we do here. I have been here since our doors opened in 2002, became a full time director of this ministry in 2004. God has always provided for us. Please pray for our center in your daily prayers. Happy Tuesday