Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am starting today to except my family the way they are. Kyle & I both have a few crazy ones in the bunch, but who are we to judge. I decided that from this moment on I was going to love family members where they are. Isn't that what Jesus commands us to do,Love? Sometimes it is hard and over the years feeling have been hurt and things have been said. But what can you do about the past? You can't change one thing about it. Why do we seem to stay so stuck in it? I am not going to air all my dirty family laundry on the world wide web but I will say, 2009 I will be, (not in order)

1. A better wife
2. A better daughter
3. A better sister
4. A better Christian
5. A better niece
6. A better mom
7. A Better friend
8. A better listener
9. A better Aunt
10. More understanding
11. Less Judgemental

Just to name a few. WOW a huge order to fill. So as your doing your New Years resolutions try a few off of my list.......2 more days til Christmas