Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays - Baseball Edition


Lori said...

Awesome photos!

Liska said...

cool photos x

Liska said...

Thank you for your comment today, with regards to stress and letting God take over. How do you action it? Free your mind for him? Pray? or just have faith? Let me know how you suggest to go about it?

Today God sent me angels in the form of friends (colleagues). They all did everything to take my stress away :-) which meant I was able to leave work at 5.30 instead of the usual 8 p.m. and even had a leg wax on the way home :-)

God uses all sorts of vessels and messengers I suppose - hope you agree.


Dawn Jenkins said...

Love the pics! I need ya to give me a call sometime in the next day or so 806-893-2146 I want to ask ya a ??? =)
Love ya

Anonymous said...