Friday, June 5, 2009

Calling all commenters

I just have a question or two.

1.Why do you read blogs???

2. Why do you read my blog?

3. Ever wonder why people are attracted to your life, blog?

I have my answers, what are yours. I just really want to know why you read my blog, so please comment and tell me, I already know you were here.

Have a great weekend.


Lana said...

I'm going to comment because I don't want to get in trouble!!

1. I read blogs because they are interesting and I want to see if other people's lives are more exciting than mine.

2. I read your blog because it is interesting and I enjoy hearing what you have to say about things. And I like you!!

3. I don't really know if anyone ever reads my blog. I barely get any comments, but I see where people have been there. But I'm not good at leaving comments, either. I read a lot of blogs, but it seems I just don't have time or make an effort to comment. I plan on changing that, though, because I know how I like to get comments to see what people think about what I have to say. I must say, though, that I haven't been a very good blogger lately. That is one of my goals for the summer is to blog more, other than just my picture posts. I plan on saying something really enlightning!! (yeah, right)

Liska said...

I read blogs because I hope that there is someone out there who is struggling with their weight as much as I am..... well that was the ORIGINAL reason, but then I just found friends, and it has become as much a social netwok for general inspiration and exchanges of thoughts, as much as anything else. It is also a creative outlet, i.e. what image can I post? What words can I use etc....

I read YOUR blog because you always come out with something I wasn't expecting. You quite often say something relating to family that makes me think ahhhhhhh or something relating to God that makes me thing hhhhhmmmmm or oooooooh or she has got a point!

I haven't got a CLUE why people are attracted to my life/blog and I equally don't know how they found me....

Now I want to know YOUR answers to those very same questions.

Have a super weekend and thank you for forcing me to think at 11.15 p.m. :-)

Liska xxxxxxxxx

Dawn Jenkins said...

I read blogs 1) it is my only link to outside world somedays. 2) I love the Titus 2 aspect of the blogging world.

I read your blog b/c I just love ya! I love that you post often with a mixture of your family and comments about Christian life.

I don't really know if that many people read my blog b/c I don't have a follower thing.

Love you!
Looking forward to your answers

jerriann said...

I read your blog because I. Love. You. I read others blogs because 1.) it is a link to the outside world. @.) I get to share my world with others. 3.) It's fun to see what other peoples lives are like. $.) I have met sister's in Christ that I would not have met otherwise, and I truly know that they are my friends and I can count on them and they on me, just like my friends I can see face to face. They inspire me to dig deeper into the Word, they inspire me to create.

And they just comfort me. Some of these friendships have turned into God moments, when the Holy Spirit speaks into hearts and we are healed, just a little more than we were before.

I love my sisters and brothers I find here. We have the freedom to be transparent with each other that we may not have in face to face life.

jerriann said...

Okay, I was typing fast, because I should be in bed, and the @ is a 2 and the $ is a 4, but you all know that!

Liska said...

Answer those questions yourself too - I can't wait to see the answers. x

Anonymous said...