Monday, June 1, 2009

Passionate Blogging Awards

Funny how blog awards are chosen,my SWEET friend Jerri passed on an award to me. I have chosen 5 more to give it too.Thanks Jerri you are a great fiend to me and are a passionate person yourself.

1. I am passionate about my family. I love spending as much family time with them as possible. We have so much fun.

2. I am passionate about my husband.This is very easy when he is the man of your dreams.

3. I am passionate about my work, I have a awesome job helping families in crisis.I am the director of a crisis pregnancy center.I truly believe God put me here.

4. I am passionate about the Lord .He has opened my heart to so much just in the last 24 hrs.I can't imagine not being able to feel the Holy Spirit moving in me. It is awesome.

5. I am passionate about His Word. I love learning more and more about what God has in store for me. His plan is so awesome even when I don't know what it is and even when I say "are you sure you want me to do this Lord"?

Now for the fun part, the 5 that I pass this on too.This was hard because I like to tag those who have not been tagged.So no tag backs..........

1. Jackie W.

2.Amy H.

3. Amanda KP

4. Keeley T.

5. Heather G.

Now for the business of awarding:

1. Put the logo on you blog.
2. Write 5 things you are passionate about apart from blogging, cause we all know this thing can consume you.
3. Tag 5 other people.