Friday, June 26, 2009

Slow down???

It seems like my live is getting busier, how can this be?? I have gotten up all week at 6 to take Matthew to high school workouts. I am a 8:00 kinda girl, but I stayed up and got some things done. We have finished our baseball season and it was good, lots of traveling .

Here we are and it is Friday. I can sleep til 8:00..............NOPE...............The hubby always kisses me by in the mornings and that is sweet and sets my alarm hummmm. He didn't today so instead of getting up to do it. (If I get up I am up) I laid there trying to sleep just a little bit so I didn't miss my 8:00 wake up time. Stupid I know.....Now I am off to work today at Blackburn's the cutest clothing store in town(the only one) to earn, or pay down my bill I should say.

I do get to have a lunch today which will be the highlight of my day. I am finally going to get to chat with Jackie. We have both been so busy that we haven't even talked, not even while we are working out together. Both of us have been in such a time crunch we get in workout and get out. CRAZY.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend. I am getting up YES again early and headed to meet with friends and have a ladies day studying the Lords Word. Should be good ,I mean how can you go wrong doing that?Just hope I stay awake. Happy Friday.