Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Questions anyone?

I have been a little off my blogging game for a week or so. My grandma is ill and that takes it out of you.........I am a little drained you could say. Instead of my Titus 2 today ( since I am not inspired right now) I am doing something really different. You ask me..........What?? you ask me any question about me or my family and I will answer it. Stole the idea off another blog. I know I was lazy but thought it was cool. The problem is will you ask? or will you leave me hanging? So one again I am asking you to participate. I will post answers as I get the questions. Got it. ok start asking.

Look for a giveaway sometime next week. What would be a good giveaway that you would enter?


West Texas Wife said...

how did you and Kyle meet?????

Heather said...

How did everything fall into place for you to start working at the center?

Dawn Jenkins said...

I want to ask a couple of ???
1. to you: What do you think (as a mother of two boys) is the top 2 do's and top 2 don'ts with raising boys to love the Lord

2. (for Kyle) what are three things Belinda does to keep your marriage AMAZING!!! =) (the PG version that is!!!)Ha

Anonymous said...