Monday, June 22, 2009


My hubby isn't a gift giver. Well not out of the blue,just because I love you, little things are sweet gift giver. He is now....... We ran to Wal-Mart last night and at the checkout he grabbed a prepaid i-tunes card. I didn't think nothing of it. He just got a new ipod so he wanted some more music.So I thought. We were headed out and he hands it to me. What I say??? He says , get you some music I bought it for you. I felt like a teenager with those tummy flies again.....I haven't felt that way in forever.......Because normally If he gets me a gift I have already picked it out and probably picked it up too, so when he did one for just because well I can type on here what happens next !!@*+$%%@ ( you get the picture) I am blessed to have such a great hubby.

I am blessed to have such awesome children. We had fun grilling outside on Friday and horsing around. Chasing them around the yard.....they were laughing that I would even try to chase them it made catching them so easy. They are both growing up so fast. You Mommy's who still have little ones, soak up every minute you can with them. They are grown and gone before you know it.

I am blessed to have great friends, new and old. I am really proud of myself this year. I committed to finding new friends and reaching out to make those friends and I have done a great job of doing this with God's help because this is out of my comfort zone, but It feels great. So if you are a friend and reader of this blog and I have not had a lunch date or hung out with you let me know and we will get that fun stuff done.

I am just rambling now, but family and friends you are all blessings to me. Happy Monday.


Jackie said...

What Kyle did for you is so sweet! And thanks for being my friend! Luv ya girl!

Cotton Blossom said...

Hey Belinda Lou, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, you absolutely need to come see the house when it's all finished... but we will both probably be old and gray by then, so don't wait, COME BY ANYTIME!!!

Shanda said...

Aw! It really is the little things that make life so special! So glad your husband wanted to bless you!!

Heather said...

Kyle is such a sweetheart! Both of you are truly blessed to have each other. Glad you enjoyed a fun night with your boys! Maybe we can make some time this summer for a lunch date. Seeing you once a week during baseball season is just not enough :(

Anonymous said...