Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday's

Tuesday is dedicated to those we have been inspired from like in the scriptures of Titus 2. Go read it today.

Today I speak of my friend Susan. She is my counselor and my listener, my sholder to lean on.Quick overview of how wonderful God can make a person. Susan lost a child soon after giving birth, many years ago, then not long after her son left for college years later he was at a lake and had a accident and drown.

You talk about some strength, this woman has it. She will tell you she only gets it because of God and I know that to be true after loosing a child myself. She taught me to rely on God for everything because He is where it all comes from.

No matter your situation no matter how bad it is or how small you think it is are you relying on God? Do you ask God to help you with the big things because you can handle the little ones? I have started letting God help me with it all.......I sure am less stressed let me tell you. I have never felt a peace that felt this good. It all has to come from God.She has so much grace.

I only told you a small piece about my friend Susan, there is sooooo much more but you get the point. She really inspires me to grow and be a better lady for the Lord. This world is temporary folks.