Saturday, May 23, 2009

fun with my camera

Just took a few pic off my camera today and decided to share them.

Matthew after his braces were put on and before the soreness set in.
I wrote on Gerry's truck, Mom said wash me.....He is in Amarillo with friends today. He's gonna kill me when he see this. It's great being a parent.


Shanda said...

I am feeling for Matthew! I STILL remember how sore braces make your mouth! I was one of the first kids to wear the clear braces (back when they came out.) I remember thinking they looked kind of cool...until it started hurting! I said a prayer for him right now!

Your note on Gerry's truck cracked me up!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Jackie said...

Ok, your writing on Gerry's truck made me laugh! We used to get beat if we wrote on my Mom's car when we were little, well in high school she wrote on my car- I was so mad! I guess I'm like her in the fact that I can't stand for someone to write on my car!! :)

Shanda said...

I have passed on a blog award to you - feel free to stop by and pick it up!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Anonymous said...