Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Afternoons

We had a little fun with the camera Sunday enjoy!!!!!!!
Nothing better than a Sissy hug
What happens when your children refuse to take a picture for you.

then they get you back.............lovely picture

Sweet hubby out doing all the work while I am chasing the children.
Got this before he knew it.....He tried to delete it but I got it Gerry HA-HA

Matthew on the run ........silly boy

But in the end he got me back.
Have a great Monday.


Jackie said...

Don't you like days like that- just hang out and enjoy life!! Around our house it doesn't happen very often, but this weekend it did! And we enjoyed every minute of it too!!

Have fun @ the sports banquet!

Shanda said...

Great photos! I love that you included the ones of you too!

Veggie Mom said...

Love your shots...thanks so much for sharing these!