Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday

I really would rather be in my pj's right now curled up with a good book , snuggled back into my bed,but I am sure God has bigger plans for me today. Don't you just wish sometimes He would tell us ahead of time what they were?I promise I would try and back out of doing them?????? or would I? I really want to be a good servant but than stinkin satan is so sneaky.

Like this morning I have just been praising God for the rain and the sounds of thunder, and get to wal-mart and the attack is on......As I wait in line in the customer service dept. this guy come in from outside steps in front of me like I wasn't even there. The nerve. Whips his checkbook out and well you can imagine my face.....I said not one word....He then turns around apparently feeling the darts from my eyes and says I'm not cutting in line I had to run out and get my checkbook I forgot to bring it in.He was already being waited on before I got there.All I could do was smile.I felt God's discipline at that moment.t doesn't feel good.

Why do we let our guard down so easily? I mean satan said" well she's a little to much into the Lord today so let me see how fast I can make her angry, this should be funny.Oh it took me 2 seconds, new record for her.woohoo".

After I prayed for repentance, I decide I better start choosing how I think about things a little more carefully. God Bless & Happy Monday


Shanda said...

Oh I can so relate to this post! I'm proud of you for holding your tongue! Sometimes I actually literally bite mine a bit on the tip to remind me that anything that I say at that moment will cause further pain somehow. You can bet other people were watching to see how you might respond!

Anonymous said...