Monday, May 25, 2009

Post 100 and Awards

The Golden Heart Award., was passed on to me today.

I am honored by Shanda over at Teachable Hearts for this sweet award. Now it is my honor to pass it on to 5 other great bloggers.Where do i start and How do I pick just one???
Make sure you check out their blogs.
Your first on my mind today, but are chosen because you have a great heart. All teachers must have this quality. You have been so sweet to my son this year and he loves your class. You made putting my son back in public school so easy. Lets get together over the summer.You deserve the Golden Heart.
You have taught me to open my heart, and to look and watch for God to change a heart. It is amazing when you see it happen right before your eyes. You are a great friend to me and i will never forget 2009 because of you. You deserve the Golden Heart
3. JerriAnn S.
you have taught me in God's timing. One of these days we will get our lunch. I have learned things just from listening to you give your testimony to reading your blog. you have a huge heart. You deserve the Golden Heart.
Where do I start with you? You have made me see the heart of Jesus in a new way.Ways I can not explain.You are a dear friend to me and my prayer warrior, what more could I ever ask for.I love ya. YOU deserve the Golden Heart.
Funny how you live in the same town and really not know someone. I'd like to get to know Lana better. She is a counselor in a Jr. high and I know, God bless her. But she let me come and so an abstinence program with then and it was great. She has a heart for those kids. you deserve the Golden Heart.
Now if you have been given this award you must pass it on as I did. Love isn't love til you give it away. Heard that on a song but so true. So select 5 wonderful people to give it to and let them know. Don't forget to use the picture above and sorry I have already had the award. Love to you all.Happy Memorial Day.....


jerriann said...

aww, so sweet, thank you. Lunch, wanna this week?

ok so I must pass it on, can someone get it twice?

Lana said...

Thank you so much!! You are too sweet!! I'm glad you already have the award because you deserve it!!

Liska said...

Your blog is looking gorgeous. This heart thing sounds like a lovely idea. Liska xx

Dawn Jenkins said...

Thanks for the award...I needed the "love" today!!! It's been a hard one. You inspire radiate the light of Christ.

Shanda said...

I almost broke the rules and gave the golden heart award to a couple more ladies - I was so excited that you ended up passing it onto some of the ones I also wanted to pass it to!!

Blessings sweet friend!

Anonymous said...