Saturday, May 2, 2009


That got your attention didn't it? My friend Charla is hosting a great giveaway but it is only for the ladies this time. Please click on her name above and check out her sweet post on marriage, and read the great comments as well. I wish I could copy and paste my comment but this stinkin blog won't let me so here is the short version.

My#1 marriage advice that works FOR ME is if I can't say something positive don't say anything.

I learned after doing the 40 day love dare challenge I talked negative to my hubby alot.Just plain old smarty pants or so I thought.

Kyle, I know your reading this and I know you would agree I have really watched my tone and behavior toward you and I love you with all my heart.

Ladies we all need to let our hubbies know how much we love them and the world as well. I ache for any marriage that is suffering, I have been seeing alot of that around town. I am praying for them all. No one wants to see any marriage end, continue to pray for your family, your marriage and your friends marriages even if they are ok. Satan is sneaky and our guard needs to be up at all times. Get up every morning and put your armor of God on. Thanks Charla for addressing this and wanting others to help.....PS I want that T-shirt.