Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is what we do most Saturday's
Watch  the youngest son play baseball.
Below is buddy camp they had the day before. K-5th grade kids buddy with a high
school baseball player and learn the game. So cute and so fun to watch. The boys help train up the little ones.

The son warming up before the game.

I'd like to say this one was lifting holy hands unto the Lord,
but no. Still more warm up.

Catching a great play on 1st. not his normal position
and he had a great game.

Warming up before the big HIT

and FINALLY my favorite part of the whole thing

The team gathers together before each game in the field
and says the Lord's Prayer
Hearing this chant of large deep manly
voices brings a tear to my eye every-time
I hear the Lord's prayer......and it should.

the Words spoken straight from the mouth of Jesus
coming out of 15 yr old boys.
Love it!

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Heather said...

Great pictures of such a great kid!