Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Surprise #2 Party

Love surprise parties but, I have never had one of my own til this year. See when you turn 40 it's special.
It's a milestone. You have lived long enough to have some knowledge and life experiences we can
call wisdom. I already know I LOVE the 40's. Enjoy a few of the pics below of my party and my terrible hair day.Remember I didn't know I was going to a party!!!!

 nothing like hearing 25 of your closest friends and family

 I know it killed these two to keep their fingers off the frosting.
I would bet they tried it though?????? Sweet babies

 I had lots of help opening my gifts.
But I needed it. I had lots to open.
Love my girls!!!! even if their not really mine
 I just love this man....He has been full
of secrets for weeks...now he can confess!
 The secret keepers.......
Thank you all who made not only my big day
 fun and full of memories
by helping the hubby plan and letting me have so much fun!


Heather said...

I'm so glad we pulled it off! I hope you didn't suspect too much. It was so much fun surprising you!

Warren Baldwin said...

Congratulations, and happy birthday!

Anna said...

I came over today to see about your birthday! So glad it was a fun one, and girl... YOU LOOK GREAT! You are 40 for Pete's sake!