Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday surprise

Well the day came today that I thought would be a lifetime away....
I turned 40 today!  3/20/1971
I am excited and proud of that number
I have earned all my gray hair that I color promptly
and I have the BEST husband on the planet.

He took me to the Hotel Matador.
A old hotel redone from the 1900's
now a bed and breakfast
Not just any breakfast
fancy foods.

We stayed in the suite, which I am sad I didn't get more pictures of.
We are going back in just a few weeks
for our ladies retreat and I can't wait.

Enjoy the pictures of my home away from home for the night.
Peace, quiet, kid-less,and best of all
the hubby planned it and kept it a secret.
I was told to just pack a bag.

I love you Kyle Eddins
Forever and ever!!!

 The long view of our room. It used to be an
old barber shop, so mirrors everywhere
The tub,need I say more?

 Bread pudding for breakfast
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

I can't even tell you the fancy word for those eggs are but I can tell you WOW, you don't leave hungry.

My view of the entrance from the dining room table Morning sun rising......can't you just see the SON.

After our HUGE breakfast
Before our ride home for church.
Wish we could have stayed longer.
If you get a chance go see the girls in
such a cool place not far from home.

And I didn't take a picture of it yet but I got the COOLEST
New Bible as a gift from the Hubby....Love it!


Charla (SHar-la) said...

Happy Birthday! I totally forgot you weren't doing FB and posted a Happy Birthday message there earlier today, but I thought I would post one here, too! What a guy! Way to go, Kyle!

By the college friend, Jessica's mother and her sisters are the "girls" who own the Matador! COOL!

Heather said...

Wow, what a wonderful birthday surprise from Kyle! I am looking forward to going there, too, for the ladies' retreat. I hope you enjoyed your surprise party tonight! We had so much fun planning it! Happy 40th Birthday!