Tuesday, March 1, 2011

35 years is just a mist

Why, you don't even know what  will happen tomorrow.
What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little
 while and then vanishes.
James 4:14

35 years ago today my sweet earthly daddy was called home to my heavenly one.
June 25th. 1952
Gerry Wayne Brown
was given his first breath By God

March 1st.1976
God the father called for him home
and he breathed his last.

I was 4 at the time, just 19 days before I turned 5.
It took me along time to understand that I was not fatherless.
I have always had a Father.He never left my side or my presence.

He is Father, He has never left me, He has never forsaken me.
I have chosen many times to walk outside of His will for me,
but even then, He never left me.

Today instead of sadness, I celebrate.
My earthly daddy is in heaven.

When grandma past away just 17 days ago,
I sent a text to my closest and dearest friends
that she was gone to Heaven to be with the Father

The one text reply I will treasure,
said this....."I am so jealous of her".

I will never forget those words as long as I live.

The picture below is my parents with my sister and I
It was taken January 1976, 2 months before he went to Heaven.

Daddy there is no telling what you and God are doing today,
but I know it is incredible!

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DeanO said...

Wonderful story and picture. I am sorry your Daddy passed away so young. But, that blessed hope to every Christian - one day, it'll just be a blink and what a glorious reunion. I have a daughter in Heaven - I am so looking forward to seeing her again.