Friday, April 1, 2011

Thinking and Thanking

I have really been thinking for the last 10 days or so about my life. What have I done with it what have I not done. We all have a purpose, and some days I don't feel like I know what that is, or what to do with what I do know.

Today I ponder my 1,000 gifts. It's something new I started a few days ago. Writing down all the gifts God has given me and being thankful for them. Sure makes you look at this world and the people in it differently. Even makes me handle problems, stress and issues differently than I ever would have before.
 Like gift # 11 trials that make you grow
                #20 laundry piled on the bed
                # 30 friends for lunch
               #  101 Wal-Mart
               #152 a field of donkeys
               # 155 afternoon with Matt shopping

Yes all gifts just like the last breath I took...........Makes you stop and think,may even change your life. It has mine. I am not even close to 1,000 yet but I sure love the time getting there. Jesus didn't promise it would be easy, He said we would have trials to build our faith, and nothing more than we can bear.

With tears rolling down my face...# 161 tears of joy........Missing grandma today. I know I have an anchor in Heaven.......I can't wait to get there.

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Belle said...

I find it very hard to be thankful for trials. Yet I keep reading Paul say how good they are for us. And someone wrote how we cannot become better people without trials.
I can't wait to be in heaven myself.