Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Isn't it enough?

I hear stories all the time about being too busy. We have no time for Bible study, no time for prayer.
My heart aches to hear these words.
I used to be there, not so long ago.
I went to the father when I was in need then felt guilty for asking. I hadn't been there any other time,seemed it was always just asking.

I spend alot of my time now just thanking.Thanking Him for the day He made for me.
I am not promised tomorrow, gotta live today to the fullest.
That may mean just listening to someone else even when I am in a rush.

You see God gives us opportunities each day. How many times do we miss it.
Hungry ,hurting people all around us,yet we don't open our mouths to say Jesus loves you, or
to just give a hug when no words are needed.

The Bible is a piece of clothing I have to put on daily, it's my weapon, my protector, my counselor,my guide, my how to book, my what do I say or do now pamphlet, my get a better attitude  brochure.
Why would we ever go through the day without it.

I have tried to make it through the day without it, I have ignored it for weeks and months on end.
It was the most miserable time in my life. That book we call God's word, well you see it makes a difference.
I can not make it through the day without it.It goes where ever I go.
I challenge you to just open it and read wherever the pages fall.

You see one day we will stand nose to nose and eyeball to eyeball with God the Father.
He will ask, "why was my son's blood not enough for you"? You will answer.
I want to be able to say," Thank you for your Son"!

Things of this earth mean nothing, except love one another.

When I am afaid
I will trust in You
In God, whose Word I praise
In God I trust,I will not fear
Psalms 56:3-4

Just thoughts in my head today..................


Belle said...

I agree we need Bible study and prayer every day to be close to God. It is his way of communicating with us and our way of relying on him.

Anna said...

Well thanks for getting them out of your head and down on netbook paper for us to read!

Warren Baldwin said...

Very good encouragement to keep studying and praying!