Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You just gotta laugh

As most of you know I am caring for my sweet grandma. She lives right next door so it is nice to have her right there. Today we had a follow-up Dr. appmt. We go early so I can get her in and out, as to not tie up my whole day waiting in a clinic. So I called her at 7:30 to make sure she is up. She assured me she was up, had a shower, dressed and ready to go. I told her ok but I wasn't leaving til 8am........ok

I get her loaded in the car(that is a chore) we drop Matt off at school and head to the clinic. I asked her in the car how she was feeling...........she said oh I'm ok........great......We finally get back to see the Dr. and He asked her how she was feeling....HOLY MOLY...she said I feel horrible, I am so dizzy I can't see straight, I was up all night , didn't get a bit of sleep. He says oh sorry to hear that, we will do some blood work and see whats going on.........This takes a while because his sweet nurse is busy with another patient.

So we are waiting, waiting, waiting, and the whole time granny is acting fine and saying I wish she would hurry up I am hungry and have things to do................You just gotta laugh.

If I feed into granny's needing attention she is horrible, but If I say well you know we all have bad days, she says I know, I am glad I am not too bad.

I hope I am a good old person.......


Shanda said...

Poor Granny! I hope the Dr. is able to help. Bless her for being so sweet! (You too for that matter!) I have a feeling you will be an amazing older person! God's grace is sufficient-especially into our aging years when it seems He wants us completely dependent on Him for each breath until we enter His presence!

Anonymous said...