Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun at the farm

We had a blast at the farm on Saturday
Here is my"keeley picture" Only I only got the smudges in my mirror
Yes a T-post driver...I tried, I helped but look at those muscles. I am so proud of all that sweat I have donated to the gym this whole year.

Loading feeders to take down in the canyons
My cute boots, I love these things.

Baby coyote, but he was moving too fast for my camera, he is the brown blurry thing.

Kyle snapping pictures....he's so funny, standing behind the camera while i worked.

ok he did work some........

Barns, windmills, cow lots,surrounded by nature...I loved it

Kyle's bow practice.......he hit one arrow into the other....not many can do that.


Heather said...

Looks like such a fun time! You two always have the most fun together. Love the boots and the muscles!

Shanda said...

Look at those arm muscles! Yay for the gym! Looks like you had fun while you worked!

MamaBotos said...

Hey love your arms and so jealous! looks like we will be heading that way this sunday!

Daveda said...

Looks like a great time and WOW, great muscles! LOL you should be proud! Wonderful pictures!

West Texas Wife said...

Hey I love the picture! What is the website that you made your header at again????

Anonymous said...