Thursday, August 27, 2009


I just love computers(NOT) I have been fighting with my sons laptop for three days. I had to download, upload, and call tech support.......................jeezzzzz......It is a laptop that is a few years old and we only use it for homeschooling purposes.I am about ready to chunk it and go by a desktop.

OK not I can breath I got all that out, I am calm now, well working on it. You know when you spend lots of money on things you just want them to last and work......This is the last year we will have to download school curriculum on it. It is Gerry's senior year....oh my first born will graduate in December, and turn 18 as well. Big adjustment coming for momma I can see now.

Went to aerobics yesterday for the first time in months.....I was already sore from some new moves my hubby wanted me to try......needless to say I am in a full body soreness now, but as they say no pain no gain right...

Now tonight I am treating myself to a little massage, I hope it doesn't hurt, I am already so sore.....what was I thinking???

This stinkin laptop is working as we speak(thank you LORD) guess I better get back to that. Happy Thursday.