Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Family Time

We spent the afternoon at the farm , as we do most Sunday's it was fun.
The guys loading the guns

Matthew trying to dodge the camera behind his dad...I gotcha
Well he is just plain cute

Ok, yes I did get in on the action and out shot all the boys.I was practicing for deer season.Kyle doesn't take great pictures of me but this is the only one.

getting ready to throw some clays

getting ready to shot some clays
We had a great time, you can never beat family time, sometimes you just have to do boys stuff.


Jackie said...

Well doing boy stuff is Fun!! We had a great time Sat. night and then last night we shot clay pigeons again!! We missed ya'll but I understand- maybe next time!! And I have a BIG bruise on my shoulder from the gun now! lol

Heather said...

Fun times! Wish yall could have shot at Jackie & Levi's with us on Saturday night. Next time!

Anonymous said...