Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Debating & Deciding

I have been debating, I just don't know......I feel I need to close my facebook account. It takes alot of time and no I don't farm on it. Another reason is well I know too much about what everybody else is doing. It leaves no room for the person you imagined them to be. There are just some things I wish I had never known ,well read. I think I have just made my mind up, saying fairwell to FB. I can blog, and be with my own thoughts.

I also have been pressured by a higher being, yes He would rather I be reading His words instead of everyone elses. It has been great and I have made new friends, but not made the time for Him.......not condemning those who stay on...this is just my own personal journey I must take.

Fairwell FB


Liska said...

I know what you mean about FB.

Btw you left me a gorgeous comment on 11th August and it has taken me till today to get back to you..... due to holidays...

Although a comment from me didn't prompt yours, you obviously picked up on my thoughts, because in the days running up to 11th August I thought about you a few times, and I thought "we just don't talk anymore" and "I miss her".

You were 1 of my first blog friends and dear in my heart as I was new to blogging and you provided a warm Christian welcome.

Lots of love and hugs to you.

I hope you and family are all very very well.

Liska xx

jerriann said...

You know, I feel the same way. I only liked it because I have found some old friends from High School and it is nice to see them again But, they are not a part of my life and there is way more stuff on there that just seems so ... dumb. There I said it. It's dumb. And I feel really weird when I take a quiz or any of my friends take a quiz and fb has all my contacts. Think about the database they have from this.

Shanda said...

The database/personal info. thing has always bothered me the most.

I go through waves where I feel it is all but worthless and then times when I am connecting like crazy with local people that I just don't get to see enough...this is one of those times...so I'll be staying for now. But I don't do all of the "extras" - no food fights, pillow fights, games, etc. b/c every single one requires access to all of your contacts, plus I just don't have the time! (It's not worth the time might be a better way of saying it!)

Blessings sweet friend as you follow His lead!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I think you read my mind, B. I've been thinking about this alot, too. I hope it wasn't me you found out too much about...lol! J/k...i hope!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

My editor just closed her FB account and a lot of people are discussing this very thing. This morning I asked if there was a way to close the application for all the Farmville stuff and Willy's Sweet Shop. I'm tired of hitting the delete button each time I logon. I don't play those games either. I'm there to network and promote my Christian fiction and keep up with family and close friends.

Anonymous said...

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