Friday, March 26, 2010

Quest/Copy Post

My son works for my friend Anna and her husband AKA Momma Cow. This was her post yesterday...thought it was worth the copy/re-post for me since my oldest son AKA Puddin is in it.....happy reading

Friday, March 26, 2010

Your once yearly, visit to the farm, post.

I know, I know...if you wanted to see pictures of farm life, you wouldn't come here to view it through the lens of my point and shoot. That's what the Pioneer Woman is for, that gal can weave an entire post around a single, wrangler clad hiney, let's face it...she makes country livin look good.

There will however, be no wrangler clad hineys in this post. Believe me, you're welcome.

With the way PW has turned her husbands hired hands into stars, it has really put the pressure on all of us regular farmwife bloggers, you should hear the tantrums...

"BUT! Whyohwhy am I not a blogstar...I've got wranglers!!! This is a bunch of hogwash...I'm moving to Oklahoma!"

If I had a pound of cotton for every time I've had to listen to that song and dance.

Anyway, he asked for it...

Meet Puddin'

Alright, I admit...I made 'Pippi' up... that's not his real name at all.

But PUDDIN, Puddin, I did not...

In facts:

A) The guy has 'PUDDIN' emblazoned oh his belt, I hear it's on his checkbook too. Don't laugh. Too hard.

B) I actually refer to him as Puddin'g', heavy emphasis on the ing.

C) The proof is in the puddin...

How you like me now, Jello?

Uh, your mom's got a camera and a computer...

Take that, Tapioca.

What Farmers Do ALL Day. A Postumentary.

There's a lot of sitting in the dappled shade of old oak trees, sippin on mason jars of sweet tea, with wedges of orange and sprigs o'mint.

Farmers like to sit back and take it easy,
when they're not out delivering doughnuts, that is.

Little Sprout calls them "Nonuts".

The donuts... not the farmers.

Occasionally, there might be a little mechanic work to be done.

"What a ratchet! This job sockets."
Looks like Cow's about to throw a disc out.
I need more farmers reading this blog, they would have got that.

Hey Puddin, If you're thinking that you might pursue this line of work, I thought it only fair to show this 'side by side' comparison of where you'll be in ten years, or rather, where your hair won't be.
This one is my favorite, it's the moment they realized one of the Sprouts had walked away with their tools.


Welders and Grinders, Welders and Grinders
Navy Beans, Navy Beans
Welders and Grinders

Puddin? How come whenever I stop by, Mama Cow is always kneelin down to pray?

Is it me?

Is it you?

The shot I wanted.

The shot I got........


"I want you to hold that great big wrench up where I can see it."

"No, make it look natural."

"This feels pretty natural."

What a tool.
If you don't own a single piece of John Deere clothing,
and you've made it this far, I applaud you.

Vanna Cow seriously wanted me to write about the befores and afters of these thingies. There's like 8 more of these shots. You're welcome, again.
Well, looks like the guys are ready for plowing and bedding.

Micheal Scott, you can take it from here.

The End of this episode......


Warren Baldwin said...

Neat post. Reminds me of farm life, many, many years ago. I miss it.

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