Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heavy Heart

I have a lot of things going through my  mind today. I received a challenge, and I took it. The challenge was to read 1 Peter. Yes, the whole book everyday for 1 week. I am on day 3. I decided to read it in a different Bible version each day. So far I have gotten something new from it daily, but that how God's Word works isn't it?

You know He gave us an example to live by, Jesus and we are to do as He did.I am finding myself struggling with this. Why you ask???? Think about it. We make sure we have life ins. We have 401K's we plan for the future, just in case we need it. We have savings accounts. WHY????? Do we not trust that God will not provide for us? (side-note- I have all these things too,not bashing anyone who also has these things)

Jesus focused on LOVE not money......have we really focused on loving each other, or do we practice this on Sunday and Wednesday. Do we show others by our fruits that we are Christians or do we show them we are the kind of Christians that keeps them from wanting to come to church? Are you out there preaching the gospel as God commanded? Can you tell someone what you belief if they ask? Are you sure you know what you believe are you just going through the motions to put a check that you attended church this week?

Can you see my heavy heart? I see so many people in my own town who have bad fruit.....we gotta reach out. I am blessed with my job because I can read my Bible at work, I can tell the clients about God, are you sharing God? I urge you to.

It is the Lent season  for some and more and more people are making the sacrifice to God and participating in Lent as I am. Fasting is also big this time of year, and maybe that is why I am heavy hearted for this world and people......I will stop my ramble here, just something to think about. Hope you enjoyed the read and PLEASE leave your comments, I treasure each one of you.


West Texas Wife said...

I strive to have our dedication... I admire you for it!

Warren Baldwin said...

Ouch! This is a sharp post! But a very needed one. I've been thinking about money this morning (since I posted on debt), and how much I fail to follow some of my own advice. Then I read your post that we should be overly consumed with these earthly concerns, anyway. You are so right. Good reminder.

Anonymous said...