Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's Thought???

As I sit at my desk at the center, I wonder. How many people are there out in our world who are hurting and have no one to talk to if fear of judgment. Judgment we all dance around that word when we are judging don't we? I have(confession) How many people could be told about Jesus? Do you ask? Not as much as I should (confession) It seems every time I talk to people they are struggling, and I find that sad and confusing. With so many out of jobs, yet I never see a classified ad out of the help wanted section. When did people get so picky about where they work? A job is money right?Some people I feel sorry for others I don't, aren't we supposed to love them all the same? I need too. (confession) I really urge you to talk with people and when they are experiencing troubles ask them have you prayed about it? Pray with them, sometimes that means the world to them. Here at the Center we try to pray with every client before they leave,for some it's the hug they never get anywhere else. Can you believe I have had people in here that haven't been hugged in years, and never before? Share God's promised, His peace, His word, and hug someone.

Hey found another cool blog from SITS today. Anyone want to do a Mom Swat gift bag(Secret Pal thing)? Got to Register fast click on the link to the right.


Dawn Jenkins said...

Good post...why is it that we hold back??? Sometimes a hug and a prayer offered can melt the walls around a guarded heart!

Jo said...

Very well said - our sermon at church today was out of 1st Peter and was on suffering, but not our own but others and how we should seek out to help and comfort them.... and also not to use the sermon as a chance to be bitter at others not helping us during our own suffering.

I'm doing the Mom Swap too! I'm excited!!

Anonymous said...