Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post 2 of the day

I called my sweet friend Amy H. and told her I had officially arrived in Hortonville. (just kidding BTW)My family is starting to finally get well, or at least we are on the tail end of it, then Matt my youngest comes home with a horrible neck and head pain. With all those kids at school being sick with mono and other things I didn't want to take any chances. We head to the clinic. He is fine just a huge crick in the neck, so glad for that. We hurry home so we can change and get to the funeral visit with the Moore family. My brother in laws mom past away( we are so praying for them) anyway on the way out the door in the mirror I noticed I am covered in a huge red rash????? It is everywhere. I had to go that way, still don't know why I have it still do this morning???? And no I didn't use the Mentholatum on my chest just my feet(read next post about that below)I am in Hortonville and need a map out of here......LOL....Love you Amy H. Happy Hump Day.