Monday, May 30, 2011

Boys and Toys

Where do I begin??? PART 1
This month has been CRAZY to say the least. About 3 3/4 weeks ago(Yes I count) my oldest went out into the real world and into his own. I helped him move, packed him up , cleaned new place, unpacked him. That way he could work and he could come to his new house with everything in it's place. I just wanted it right for him.

I will say I cried the first night (still adjusting don't tell) see He was the last one in the house every night and when he came home my nest was complete and safe and everyone home....I could sleep.
Now someone else has to remember to shut the back door and turn the back porch light out.(still adjusting)

I will say I am so proud of the way he has taken on this responsibility, we have visited a few times taking things to him(like his DOG) and the house is clean and orderly.....He is a good housekeeper, I think I have taught him well......He still just keeps amazing me. Although he had me come out to sit and wait for the satellite guy???


The youngest......did I mention this was a rough month......this boy turned 16 yesterday. He is growing to fast. I am the short one now. He has muscled up and voice is deep, and he has a JOB, and after tomorrow morning he will be able to drive himself anywhere without me.........

Grandpa gave him a 1986 Ford truck 4 x 4 huge. The first thing he did was rip everything out and added a stereo system...below you can see how proud he is of it...proof he knows how to I am wondering what's up with his room now?

Wow he even knows how to work the shop vac....

the trucks old but she was FREE ...
now he is saving his $$$$$ for paint job and wheels.
Boys are fun.

We finished out the birthday with a family lunch. Hubby took us out to eat and even the oldest showed up for a free meal and even if he never admits it, to celebrate with his brother.
I was shocked when he gave his brother a wad of cash for his birthday.
I almost passed out to tell you the truth.
Another reason I love my boys, they blow me away sometimes and like each other.

I am very proud of both my boys, God said  we are
 to train them up to be good men.
I have faith He will finish the rest.
Thank you Lord for blessing me with 2 really good boys.


Belle said...

I don't blame you for being proud! How kind of the older boy to give money to his brother.
Nice truck. He must be so happy.

MamaBotos said...

super cool! can't believe they are that old! Handsome young men... love those boys!