Friday, May 13, 2011

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The man I Love

Happy 17th Anniversary to the sweetest, most loving man I know
I love you's to many, many more
friday the 13th, has been very lucky for us!

 A boy and his dog.....hang on Rosco
               Stay boy.....
Both of these boys love the DIRT. It's a shame in Texas we have to water before we can plant this year.
I say we, not us . The son works for a great farmer and I steal sweet family photo's from time to time when we go help...

My boy hard at work.

I'll just stand here boss, in the shade.

Let the water flow.

I love you!

My electrician, playing farm hand for the evening, changing water.

Wish that was rain's smoke from a big grass fire.

Rosco your not suppose to cross the road. boots are still dry

I only kept this one because the boy was in the background.
this is a delete pic if I ever saw one!

MOM, make sure you angle the water socks into the row I am redirecting it to.
Not his exact words, but best I could explain my instructions to you LOL
you might not understand farmer talk.

Love helping and hanging out with my boys even when there is work to be done.
Have a great weekend.

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West Texas Wife said...

Love the boots picture... So you!