Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sensitive issue below.

I have a very interesting job. I am a director of a crisis pregnancy center. I see just about everything on a daily basis come through our doors.

Broken women
Broken families
Broken children

As we go to area schools these next few weeks please pray for us.
We are taking the message of what services we offer,including the
 message about pornography, rape, & incest.

Each time I am sad at the uneducated adults who think if it isn't happening to them, it isn't happening.
I have had two calls this week alone on incest in families.

Please pray for the work God has sent us out to do. Porn is such a huge addiction and it starts very young in some cases, with cell phone pictures to the very computers the school has issued  the child. It is on TV, movies and magazines. Our children have no filters for this because the WORLD has said this is ok and NORMAL. Sex may sell it but our children are paying the price for it.

My heart is heavy on these issues and I know God has called me to step up, this is my calling. I took a step out in faith just to post this, I too have been abused. Many of you know my testimony.
I have been where these children are and I know the LORD GOD is ABLE and will heal those who suffer.
He healed me!


Tammy said...

Father, I pray as Belinda steps out in faith that she will feel Your presence. I ask for those who will come to hear the message, that their ears will hear and they will respond.

When You set before us Your plans, we know it will come to pass! I pray that no weapons that are being formed againist Belinda, her family or those that might go with her will prosper! In the Mighty Name of Jesus...AMEN!

Warren Baldwin said...

These are heavy, heavy issues. We see these kinds of problems all over. Prayer is a great place to start. And then service. And more prayer.

West Texas Wife said...

I pray for the kids I see in our schools everyday! And I will keep praying!

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Melanie said...

Your comments have touched my heart. I am amazed by your honesty, humility, and heart of love for others. Praying for you. You are my sister in Christ, and God DOES have a plan. THANK YOU for your beautiful blog and ministry for Him.

~ ~

Anonymous said...