Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where do I begin?

This last month has been one big nightmare after another. Our lives have become so stinkin busy, I just want it to stop for one day.When did I start living my life by a calander? Seriously, when someone asked me about can I do something, I have to check my calander to see what else is on that, meeting, ortho appmt's.....on and on.....I haven't even had time for my sweet friends. I   promise someday CHARLA I will get to you and that lunch date.......OMGosh.

I had great help today packing the Center completely up. Yes I said packed up. It looks like noone lives there anymore. We are having painters come in over the weekend and give us a facelift. The Center is also about to kick off it's own website.more to come on that later......see busy, busy, busy................

My car has been sick since last Monday. I think the devil is possessing it. I have prayed, cast out demons, anything I thought it could be.The guy thought he found the cure but $900.00 later no cure and no answer on what the illness is, next step may be to the Nissan dealership.

Thank the good Lord we are all healthy, AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!

I have been driving the white Buick (gretta) grandpa's car...AMY H. don't laugh at the name, she can really go fast.
I am praising God through this storm and rejoicing I have Gretta to drive. I am stepping out on the water and trusting in the Lord to get me through this.

God really tugged at my heart to step back into our youth group and that has been a true DELIGHT I must say. I am team teaching with a great lady,she just lost her husband to cancer. I know I can do anyhting when I see how strong she is . She lost her sweet Charles 2 1/2 weeks ago and already back and on fire with our youth kids. TRUE inspiration.

Warren ,I did not have one single successful deer hunt this year. Next year I think I'll try my hand early and bow hunt. Life goes on doesn't it.

About to head over and get ALL these gray roots on my head that just popped up taken care of. The end to another day. Thank you Lord for getting me through.

Post complete for now.


Warren Baldwin said...

Wow Belinda, welcome to 2010!! Hope the car "gets better." Sorry about your deer hunt. I can't stand not getting at least one deer a year. Over the last couple of years either my daughter or me got one. I love cooking and making jerky of deer. But nothing this year. Oh well!

About the gray hair ... I'm actually proud of mine. Figure I earned it. In fact, I'll be putting a post up sometime over the next couple of weeks probably, entitled, "Gray Hair."

Here's hoping Feb will be a better month. wb

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