Friday, January 15, 2010

Post #185

If you missed the Kutless Concert in Wellington last night you missed out BIG TIME. We went with a few friends and the girlfriends parents. It was AMAZING!!!!!!! An hour and a half dedicated just to worshiping the Lord.

We got to scream, shout, raise our hands,clap our hands, jump up and down like the crazy kids do. That was a sight to see the whole place jumping(glad I wasn't in the balcony).

The worship was awesome, the music was great. The Wellington Ritz set a new record of attendance as well, 400 sold out seats.I LOVE to worship like that free to do whatever the Holy Spirit moves you to do. So good.

Slept like a baby I will tell you that, after I wrote in my journal. I started a prayer/thoughts journal. God is just giving me alot of things and I just have to get them to paper.

I am SOOOOO excited to get back involved with our church youth, we have many plans and I can't wait. I love those stinkin kids.......goodbye post #185 your now complete.


Charla (SHar-la) said...

Wasn't it awesome!? I was expecting greatness, but it exceeded my expectations. And, yes, you were glad you weren't in the balcony jumping up and down like I was. Richard was being a sport and jumped a couple of times, but just to show me how goofy I looked! HA! But I didn't was so much fun and KUTLESS did NOT disappoint!

And, now that I think about it, I'm glad I was in the balcony and not UNDER the balcony! HA!

We're so blessed to have the Ritz, aren't we?

So glad we got to see you last night! Miss you...let's do lunch next week?!?

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