Monday, December 7, 2009

WHAT a weekend

I had the HONOR or going with my two best girls to OKC for a Deeper Still conference which included Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer........ WHAT A GOD FILLED WEEKEND. I am still on cloud 9 and thinking I'll just hop on to cloud 10. These women know the Word of God let me tell you. It was nice to go to a place where the speaker wasn't pushing their books. They taught straight from the WORD OF GOD.

The girls and I felt like we were the Clampetts going to the big city. Our hotel was so nice 2 rooms, 2 was awesome. Can I get am AMEN for VALET parking....soooooo worth the money. Never had to park the car, never had to load a bag. It was sweet.

Took my makeup, put it on, cried it off. When I say cried it off I mean from the first moment I heard the PRAISE and WORSHIP team fire up. I wasn't wiping my face with tissue to catch the tears I was wiping my neck......I had my hands in the air as long as I could.I felt like Moses, and needed Aaron to hold my arms up for me.Travis Cottrell was awesome

I am not a coffee drinker I want to be, just don't like the taste of it. WELLLLLL the girls corrupted me to Carmel Vanilla lattes extra fat it. Thanks DAWN. So home now and trying to recreate that first taste of coffee.......still trying. LOL

I can't tell you what GOD has done for me this weekend but it has been mind blowing, & life changing. I can't tell you because it would take to much space and the Internet around the world would shut down.

One thing GOD did say to me was............"READ MY WORD, THE ANSWERS ARE ALL IN THERE". I spend WAY to much time reading other books and not enough time dedicated to my LORD'S word. Got a new BIBLE to add to my collection of versions and I can't keep my face out of it. Its' the Amplified version.
Believe it or not after church the hubby took me to the deer blind(no luckwith a deer yet) but I read my BIBLE for a solid hour before I ever looked up......GOD was feeding me with milk and good.
Below you will find a few goofy pictures we took.....Love you Charla & Dawn...praise GOD for giving me friends like you, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Me and the girls

This was awesome. The glass payne's were outside the confrence at lunch, and all 10,000 women had a chance to write their sorrow, concerns and prayer request on it. After that a man painted on the back a huge tree branch that ended in the hand of God.(you had to see it) but it said YES HE CAN!!! and we left all out worries to good.

This was one of the many worship times, we sat at the top so we could spread out and have more room, but you can see the mass of women lifting up and glorifying the LORD. So moving.I am so filled and so blessed.