Friday, December 11, 2009


That is thank GOD it's Friday. This week has been crazy, it's was like get back from OKC and hit the ground running. With church, work, Christmas party, sick kid, sick me. Today just might be a better day.

My oldest turns 18 next week......what do you buy an 18 years old??? Everything he has suggested is WAY out of my price range. He would love a new truck, not happening, a custom cowboy hat, not happening, so I am looking for suggestions. I offered a IPOD nope he didn't want that? I thinking the boy will get a cake and cash......I just wanted his 18th to be memorable....maybe if just for me.

I think we were all in bed by 8:30 last night.A much needed rest for us all. Everyone was in such a good mood this morning . I think going to bed early is the key. That's about all I have swarming in my head right now besides Christmas shopping and Christmas with 3 sets of family, not including Movie night at the church. Come on January.............


Warren Baldwin said...

Is your son a hunter? How about an expensive hunting knife? I don't care for hunting knives too much myself, since I don't like having them on my belt. I always use a pocket knife. I do use a hunting knife back in the garage, though, when I'm skinning it. Could give him a good pocket knife, too. A hunter/outdoorsman can't ever have too many of them.

Did you get your deer?

somebody said...