Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It is here.....

It is here the day I thought I would be excited for, well in some regards I am, but in others I am sad. My first born turns 18 today. He is very legal. Legal to vote, legal to be drafted,legal to sign a binding contract,legal to be accountable for his actions and go to MAN prison.

Ok it isn't all bad news here. I am excited for him, he gets to do alot of good stuff too, like pay his own insurance, pay his own cell phone bill, and pay for everything else. 18 is a milestone.He is so sweet at times , towering over me all the time. He is my first born, my first son, my first mothers love.

He was born Dec. 15th 1991 in Wichita Falls General Hospital. 13 hours of long labor, thank goodness for drugs, the bundle of joy weighed 10lbs. 11 oz. HUGE........no c-section. I was one tough cookie. Funny how all that pain disappears after you hear that first cry.I will never forget that day, the nurses called him moose. I shared a room with another mom. She had the tiniest baby in the nursery at 5lbs. We held each others babies and thought that was so funny.

Today I have another man living in my house, not a child. He will soon graduate and move on. So the next chapter of the book begins. I will leave you with these nice photos, that he will kill me for.It's what parents do.Besides there are only a few rare time where I can get him to let me take a picture.So here is my best of the best of my first born.(didn't have time to dig through the baby book)

The best for last, he was almost 3, and still a cowboy.


Tammy said...

Time sure goes by fast. Hope he has a great birthday!

I remember when my son turned 18, that was 9 years ago...:(

MamaBotos said...

Very sweet post... I can't believe he is 18!!! Happy Birthday Tiny!!! love you guys

Dawn Jenkins said...

I cannot believe little ol' you had a 10 pound baby!!! Wow! Drew as 10 lbs. 3 oz but it was a csection. You are super woman.

Anonymous said...