Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wild hunt

Kyle and I spent most of the 4th of July at the farm. We took things to finally trim the trees on the road we use through the farm. That took several hours.We also moved feeders to new location and relocated a few cameras. So fun to see what's on the cameras.

Look at those shoulders....ok you don't I will

I really did some work too, I just happen to carry the camera
Later that afternoon we went back to the farm to just sit at the water troff to see what was coming in. Well everything comes in, it's the only water for miles around. Saw 3 roadrunners that was cool until one decided to try and sit in the pickup with us......not fun.

I also saw some mule deer as I road the 4 wheeler around while kyle did some last minute work.

Next we went around and sat at the feeder and waited til dark for hogs.
                                                         This one really needs to go....

I also shot a raccoon, he was coming straight for me and those little suckers climb, 
 but didn't find him or my arrow.
We bow hunt you know.

 My view of the feeder
Can you see my hubby in all these trees????

Me messing around with the camera, I was hot, bored
and oh dear no make-up oh well

This was what made it all worth wild.
Sitting in this creation the Lord made
and just soaking it up
and praising Him for letting me see it.

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Heather said...

I can't wait til you get that wild hog! That is a beautiful close-up shot of the mule deer. Love how you and Kyle have so much fun together at the farm!