Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ABC's of the Bible

This was just something I got on my walk in June and found today. i really need this reminder as we all do.

A- ask and it shall be given to you

B-be still and know I Am GOD

C-commit your ways to the Lord

D-do good to those that hate you

E-enter into His gate with thanksgiving

F-for by grace you are saved

G-give and it shall be given to you

H-honor the Lord with all your heart

I-incline your heart to the Lord

J-judge not, or you will be judged

K- keep His commandments and follow them

L-lean not on your own understanding

M- minds on things above not on earthly things

N-neglect not the gift in you

O-oh worship the Lord

P-praise the Lord

Q-quench not the spirit

R-rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him

S-sing to the Lord a new song

T-take refuge in God because He keeps you safe

U-unto the Lord I will lift my eyes

W-walk in truth

X-xerxes tried to stop God, but failed

Z- zealous for our Lord God Almighty

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