Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love hunting!
So I decided to make this thing called a tent blind a little more me.

I sat one day for hours, reading and thinking.
I love scripture, it gets me through a lot of my days.
So that's what I did. I wrote some of my favorite
verses ALL OVER my tent,on the inside of course.
So that way while I am waiting for the deer, I can read the Word.
I love sitting out there alone for hours just visiting with God.
It is so peaceful and addicting!
I'll be adding on soon. Enjoy the pictures.

 Corner view
 Top of side
 The floor
 View from my tent, where the hogs have been root'in
 So we got rid of a few of them, the boys got one each 250lbs plus ones here
He loves making faces in my pictures, he doesn't think I will post them.
He was wrong.Happy hunting. If you can't find me that's where I am!

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Cotton Blossom said...

I love this post! What an AWESOME idea, Belinda. You truly are walking what you speak, you are an inspiration to me.