Monday, July 19, 2010

He provides

 He never fails to amaze me.
He is always there, even when I am not.

I pray daily for strength, physical and mental,
for peace, energy,understanding.
All in which He gives me.

About 7 weeks ago my grandfather had a stroke..................


************Small Interruption Here**************

I was going to tell you all about my sweet and busy life
and my husband had to go off and cut his finger.
So instead of that early to bed thing and devo we do together
 at night in the comfort of my bed,
we went to the ER!
4 stitches and 1 1 /2hr later we are headed to BED.

All is well and so is he, well he will be.
I'll get back to that meaningful post another day.

It's morning now so that means getting the son off to workouts,
 and loading grandpa up for therapy then picking
 them up before I go off to work.

Let the day begin!!!!!

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