Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day with my boys!

The pictures are a little out of order but we fished, had fun then went
 and row water some cotton crops with Gerry at the farm.

Checking the well
Handsome men above and below

I am the camera woman so here is a glimps of me
Tall and skinny aren't I?

The first of 5 fish I caught

Giant quail bird behind us,that thing was fat
Getting the fishing rods all ready

Nice cool tank we got to use

      The hired hands..this part was fun.

Brotherly Love

This one I think is just sweet.

Happy Saturday to you!!!!


West Texas Wife said...

Love the picture of the boys!!!!! Matt looks like he is up to no good on the 4-wheeler! And love the pic of your shadow! Miss ya girly!

Heather said...

I love all the pictures!

Warren Baldwin said...

Wish I could have been out on the farm with you. Looks like fun!