Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Day # 2

This was the day that was going to be grand.............wellllll..........It started with my 4AM wake up.
Something warm and wet running up my leg....Yes I was asleep,now wet and awake. You see our sweet dogs sleep with us and they are starting to get older, and well I guess sissy's bladder couldn't wait.
I got pee'd (not sure how to spell that word) ON BY MY D.O.G.

So fresh sheets on the bed for tonight.YEAH!!!!

Got lots of organizing done, Kyle is building stairs to grandma's back deck finally pictures to come.

Sweet Hubby is taking my car tomorrow to get it completely detailed...can't wait to have a clean, shiny car.

Matt has been away at baseball camp sort of??? That's another story, so he is on his way home as I type and we will finish out this day with a double headed baseball game in Altus....

On the road again.......and yes we have tools in the truck now...if your lost read yesterdays post

Stay tuned for Vaca day 3( switch I will be working?????) somethings wrong with that.