Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Catch up

If you haven't signed up for Beth's new book club read do it now. Starts Thursday the 11th. I am so excited.

Went to Parents Day at  my son's high school.  Can you believe he actually picked out my clothes for me??? He wouldn't let me wear any high heels, no mini skirt or no skin tight shirt....WHAT......had to settle for plain shirt, boots and jeans. Sad to tell him thats what I wanted to wear anyway love my boots. (I don't own those other things)  We went to all 8 periods 25 minutes each. Very fast pace. I was told by my son when we left one class Mr. ^%$##%  never acts like that he was nice today........all and all it was fun ,except for the flashbacks of high school, and some people I haven't seen since then that now have kids......

Got the painting/facelift done at the Center. As in COMPLETED.......I am so ready to get this office back to NORMAL......whatever that is....you know things in their right place with a little spring cleaning too.

Got the car fixed.....thank you Lord.

What else, oh yeah be praying, I am going on a  Walk to Emmaus in November. I am so excited about this . Can't wait to see what God has in store for me .......

Having a BLAST co-teaching the youth at church. They are the coolest bunch of kids...... So neat when in the middle of their day they stop to say hey pray for me I got????? this going on. I love to watch young people grow in the Lord.

Updated as far back as I can think...so not far.
Baseball season is about to kick off so look for all the wonderful post on that with tons of pictures I am sure.

til then...................signing off   B.