Saturday, October 3, 2009

Farm & Pick up Sticks

If you are a parent you know it sometimes is rare for your children to get along. I love these moments. Here they are playing pick up sticks . I loved this game as a kid, well still do. The other pics are of the farm, we just loved to go out there and goof around. God made nature so beautiful.

Matthew & Gerry
My dirty table

Yip ,I am the gate girl too.

Kyle's homemade feeder, the deer love it.

Not sure what they are but they were so pretty.

loading up MY blind, yes I have my own

My blind all in place

I looked down and thought you know, God made this dirt, and how fun it is to smush your foot around in it. I know I am weird.


Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks Belinda for your visit this am at FAmily Fountain.

Your blog of country living is so neat. I am starting to feel some excitement at the approach of deer season. For me it is not until Nov.

When I lived in Wyoming early elk season started Oct. 1, which I hunted my last 3 years. I've been feeling a yearning for an elk hunt again.

Hope you guys have a successful season! wb

Heather said...

Fun times!

Warren Baldwin said...

Just checking back to thank you for the nice comments on Family Fountain to the "Woe is Me" article.

Anonymous said...